High-Density Fiber Optic Solutions

Loaded Rackmount Patch Panel w/ 24-fiber MTP cassettes


Who We Are

Atlantic Vision is the nation's largest Independent Manufacturer/Distributor of fiber optic patch cords and assemblies. Our industry reputation for quality and service is unmatched.  We specialize in high performance Fiber Optic systems that work on open and proprietary platforms.  Atlantic Vision is a member of the Corning OEM Group.  Atlantic Vision is a woman owned business.  Our founders and management, Kathleen McDonough and Edward Berman, served as Program Managers for a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Consortium including Boeing, Honeywell, Verizon and General Motors that developed many of the fiber optic applications in use today.


Private Label/OEM Program

Our private label program puts your brand and logo on the bag label along with all related information and test reports.  All fiber assemblies have a serial number and come with the Atlantic Vision 25 year warranty.  Atlantic Vision is a Top-Tier Legrand Vendor.  Your Brand or Generic same low priced.


Flat Drop - Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

Flat Drop cables are engineered to withstand the most demanding enviornmental conditions and mechanical stresses.  Flat Drop cables provide crush and impact resistance and are dielectric.  Available with copper toneing conductor for detection in direct-buried applications.  Connectors can be hardened.

Micro Drop 3mm cables are a miniaturized system that fits into tight locations and allows installers to make smaller holes when passing drops through walls and other structures.  The cables can be stapled, allowing for fast and easy securing.


Atlantic Vision - Made in America with Corning(R)  Cable

Atlantic Vision provides for the first time made in America premium fiber optic patch cords and assemblies that are aggressively priced.

The purpose of this program is to address the market segment that wants a Top-Tier supplier but does not want to pay the high price.  We have established a new approach that is designed to enhance your profitability and requirements that demand the security provided by American manufacturing that has gone unfulfilled.