Plug and Play Solutions

Atlantic Vision's advanced PLUG and PLAY MTP Assemblies take our small form factor expertise to a new level of performance.

MTP-LC assemblies are designed to support 40 & 100gB transceivers.

Atlantic Vision's advanced cable designs, MTP connectors, and unique breakout concepts to provide robust user friendly products that share a highly flexible design and fit into the smallest conduits.  Our systems are transmigratable over various platforms.

Atlantic Vision's Plug and Play systems can be deployed more than 75% faster than field terminated fiber assemblies.  All pre terminated assemblies are fully warranted.



Atlantic Vision’s unique MTP-LC HYDRA solution for MTP-LC interconnects offers a more secure, robust, and lower cost alternative to traditional cassette and fan out assemblies. 

Applications include cabinet-to-cabinet or blade servers where discrete fiber assemblies are too bulky. The cable assemblies are well suited for telecom applications such as multiplexers, switches, routers and for interconnecting high-speed enterprise servers and test equipment. 


MTP-LC HYDRA Product features:



MTP Performance

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