Secure Fiber Optic Applications

Atlantic Vision provides both Corning and TE(Tyco) Secure Keyed LC and MTP systems and patch cords.

Keyed LC, MTRJ and MTP Connectors provides network security in fiber optic cable assemblies by preventing inadvertent or unauthorized access via color-coded keys. The solution is designed for organizations that need to segregate zones and networks due to privacy or security concerns. It provides physical separation for up to 10 networks, applications, or organizations.

Keyed connectors and adapters on the front and back of the patch panel are used to match access rights to the proper zone or network. The key features in the connector and adapter cannot be duplicated with standard LC and MTP components, preventing violation of network security.

The tamper-proof key design that prevents intruders' access was designed to respond to an urgent need for products that perform in secure or government classified fiber networks and it is based on the best Small Form Factor fiber optic connectors.


Secure MTRJ Plug and Jack Systems

The Secure Key MTRJ Jack terminates the Primary trunk at an adapter panel where the Secure Plug Secondary patch cord mates to the Secure Jack. The MTRJ Jack is a combination connector (plug) and adapter.