Our Fiber Optic Vision

Connectivity is what it’s all about. Choice of cable, connector and terminal are critical decisions and nobody does that better than Atlantic Vision.

Atlantic Vision is the nation's largest Independent Manufacturer/Distributor of Passive Optical Network (PON) FTTH and Data Center fiber optic cables and terminals. Our industry reputation for quality and prompt service is unmatched.  We specialize in high performance Fiber Optic systems that work on open and proprietary platforms. Our team is ready to assist you in making those critical decisions.

Fiber To The Home  FTTH  

100,000,000 new broadband connections by 2030! Based on the current growth rate new connections will increase to more than 300 million by 2030, representing an increase of 50%. Expansion in regional and rural FTTH markets is driven by, once-in-a-generation, public and private funding. Operators need to overcome increased competition and challenges in order to protect network investment and maintain a competitive edge.


Atlantic Vision understands that operators and service providers face a competitive environment.  Our flexible, highly scalable, modular, and cost effective PON solutions are designed meet your specific needs and assist your efforts to increase market share.

MULTIPORT SERVICE TERMINAL (MST) Atlantic Vision’s MST provides advanced design features with a reduced form terminal and connector while providing a universal non-proprietary solution for fast and secure connections. SUPERTAP Hardened reduced size connector  that is compatible with OptiTap and OptiTip with the advantage of offering in one form SCA, LC, and MPO connectors in both Male and Female versions. FLAT DROP CABLE  Available as Dielectric and Toneable with a copper conductor for detection in direct-buried applications.  PUSHABLES Miniaturized system of 3mm flat and armored cable that pass through walls and other structures. COEXISTENCE ELEMENT (CEx)  Passive optical modules enable operators to coexist/migrate to next generation PON services over existing fiber infrastructure. Atlantic Vision offers a flexible platform of Coexistence Element products to fit a specific deployment thereby providing the most cost-effective solution. TERMINALS enclosure, WDM filters, splitters and other passive components.

Data Center Connectivity - MPO LC MDC & SN  

The data center industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and innovation. Driving this expansion is a need to support the rapid and seamless transmission of data. Demand requires future-ready physical infrastructure, cabling and connectivity, faster transceiver technology, simplified network architectures. Fiber optic connectors play an important role in this transition. The LC and MPO/MTP connectors are now standard for data centers.

The next generation of Very Small Form Factor Connectors, (VSFFC) such as the US Conec MDC and the Senko SN fit three duplex connectors into the footprint of one LC duplex, providing an enormous density advantage. For Modules and Cassettes imagine having 432 instead of 144 fibers in one rack unit. Simplicity of design and fewer components provide a multi-generational lifecycle.

Private Label/OEM Program

Atlantic Vision is the country's largest supplier of PRIVATE LABEL Passive Optical Network components. We specialize in white label product with your Brand and Logo. You chose Private Label or Generic (No Brand) at the same low cost. We operate a massive Stocking Program with over 400,000 patch cords, the BIGGEST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, for same-day shipping. All products are covered by Atlantic Vision's 25 year warranty.

About US

Our founders and management, Edward Berman and Kate McDonough established Atlantic Vision in 1999. Before that served as Program Managers for a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Consortium that developed many of the fiber optic designs and applications in use today.


Sebastian Sassi, Sales Director. Sebastian joined our team in 2022, Previously served as Business Development Manager, Carrier Networks, Corning Optical Communications. As a core Subject Matter Expert, was instrumental in landing key national accounts.


Atlantic Vision is a member of the Corning OEM Group and a Top-Tier Legrand Vendor.