Flat Drop Cable
Flat Drop Connector
Flat Drop Toneable Cable
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Flat Drop Cable
Flat Drop Toneable Cable
Flat Drop Connector

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Flat Drop Cable

Flat Drop Connector

Flat Drop Toneable Cable



AV Pushables

Fiber To The Home  FTTH

Atlantic Vision's leading-edge FTTH & Broadband products are an excellent alternative to Corning & CommScope, offering lower cost and fast delivery. CORE PLATFORM components are designed provide improved performance and reliability.

MULTIPORT SERVICE TERMINAL (MST)/SuperTap Atlantic Vision’s MST & SuperTap connector provide advanced design features with a reduced-form terminal. Engineered to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. Designed for many types of installations and buildings - a single-family home, a Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU), or an office building. Our components are universal non-proprietary solutions for fast and secure connections and are compatible with Corning’s MST/OptiTap. You can feel confident that reliability, performance, and compatibility are insured. Atlantic Vision’s MSTs are factory-terminated environmentally sealed terminals and connectors that withstand the demands of the OSP environment.

FLAT DROP CABLE Flat Drop cables are available in dielectric and toneable versions.  Drop cables increase the speed of deployment as installers select the next-higher standard length and then store any slack. 

SUPERTAP is a hardened reduced scale connector providing universal compatibility with OptiTap and OptiTip, with the advantage of offering SCA, LC, and MPO connectorization in both Male and Female versions.  SuperTap provides IP67 environmental protection.  SuperTap is a superior solution for all FTTH applications.

FTTH Platform

PUSHABLES Miniaturized small flat or armored cable system that fits into tight locations so that installers can push cables through small holes in conduits and other structures. Pushable can be stapled for fast and easy securing of cables.

TERMINALS, enclosures, WDM filters, splitters and other passive components

COEXISTENCE ELEMENT (CEx) Passive optical modules enable operators to coexist/migrate to next-generation PON services over existing fiber management infrastructure. Atlantic Vision offers a flexible platform of Coexistence Element products to fit a specific deployment, thereby providing the most cost-effective solution.

FTTx (Fiber To The X) New generation of fiber connectivity for network access designed to connect telecom operators and end users. FTTx is a collective term for various optical fiber delivery systems that are grouped according to where the fiber terminates. The FTTx network can be active or passive.

Our products comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA).


Atlantic Vision - Made in America by Corning®

Atlantic Vision offers for the first time made in America premium fiber optic patch cords and assemblies that are aggressively priced.

The purpose of the program is to address the significant market segment that demands a Top Tier supplier but does not want to pay the high price. We have established a new approach that is designed to increase your profitability and demands the security and dependability of American manufacturing that has gone unfulfilled.

Basically, the end-user will pay about 50% less than buying a comparable product while receiving the manufacturer's 25-year warranty. The market demands superior quality that is backed by industry-leading Corning's excellence in fiber, cable, and connectors combined with Atlantic Vision's unequaled distribution and customer service.

Atlantic Vision's proven expertise and service combined with Corning cable and components provides product unparalleled in the industry! Call or contact us for a part number configurator and pricing.

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MTP Performance

MTP Cassettes and Cables Small
12 Fiber MTP to LC Cable Small