Keyed Secure Applications

Secure LC Connector Green
Secure LC Connector Red
Secure LC Connector Yellow
Secure LC Connector Orange

Atlantic Vision provides both Corning and Commscope Secure Keyed LC and MTP patch cords and panels.

Keyed LC and MTP Connectors provide network security by preventing inadvertent or unauthorized access via color-coded keys. The solution is designed for organizations that need to segregate zones and networks due to privacy or security concerns. It provides physical separation for up to 10 networks, applications, or organizations.

Keyed connectors and panels are used to match access rights to the proper zone or network. The key color features in the connector and panel/device cannot be duplicated with standard LC and MTP components, thereby preventing violation of network security.

The tamper-proof key design prevents intruders' access and is designed to respond to the urgent need for products that perform secure and government classified fiber networks.